Mortgages in B.C. up to 95% LOAN to VALUE on Purchases: –

I ARRANGE MORTGAGES from leading Banks up to 95% Loan to Value SO THAT YOU CAN  BUY YOUR DREAM HOME !

Secondly I also arrange 2nd Mortgages up to 95% on top of your 1st Mortgage for “Purchase Assist” (Down-Payment Help). This is in case your Bank has declined your Mortgage request.

I can also arrange a Mortgage to Release Equity from your home (Debt Consolidation or Equity Take-out & Refinance.




RECENT LISTINGS,  & SOLD.                                                                         LISTING: 3251, Camelback Lane,  Westwood Plateau,  Coquitlam,     $988,000.00                                                                                                               SOLD: 25460 Bosonworth Avenue ,Maple Ridge,  for $910,000.00.

CALL ME IF YOU WANT TO BUY OR SELL PROPERTY.                  Cell: 604 781 2030. 

I  can help you in selling or purchasing a property whether you are a first time home buyer, a knowledgeable  homeowner or an experienced investor. Let me make it an easier efficient and more enjoyable home buying experience for you.

You will benefit from my 30 years experience of real estate trading and helping clients.  Please call  me if you would like to talk, or set up a meeting.

I work with a range a clients from investors, families upgrading or downsizing, pre-sales, and much more.

I believe in building long term relationships and being there for my clients, offering helpful advice and information.

I aim to provide a personalised professional service to fit every client’s individual needs to ensure the best results I believein open and frank discussion to help you make the best informed decision you can make.

SELLING A HOME                                                                                                              I understand the importance you give to  selling your home. I can guide you through the different aspects from marketing, showing and presenting the property to your buyers , to achieve the targeted price and then closing the sale. I will be there every step of the way making it a very sucessful process.


Whether you are a first time home buyer, knowledgeable homeowner or an experienced investor, buying property can be sometimes be challenging and stressful. It is very time-consuming and there are many important decisions to be made by you and I can offer you my best advice. We can help you through the buying process guiding  you along the way, and making it easier for you to move on in life.

 Tahir Mian.                                                                                                          REALTOR                                                                                                                    TEAM 3000 REALTY LTD.                                                                                       #305 -9940, Lougheed Highway                                                                      Burnaby, BC.

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“Hide not your Talents.  They for use were made.
What’s a Sundial in the shade?”
-Benjamin Franklin


Education:                                                                                                                         B.A. (Honors ) and a Masters Degree.(Economics).                                 Post Grad. Faculty of Law & Economics, Sorbonne, Paris, France .         Experience :                                                                                                                         35 Years of Banking experience, working with Banks such as : –              Banque de l’indochine et  de  Suez, Paris, France.                                             Bank of Credit & Commerce International  S.A.   London , UK .           TD Bank , Montreal, PQ.                                                                           Mercantile Bank of Canada, Montreal, PQ.                                                         Licensed Realtor and Mortgage Broker:                                                              Team 3000 Realty. Ltd . and EQ Lending Corp.

A little Something about myself, my interests and my business.

I remember as a child picking flowers and chasing Butterflies and Dragonflies around the garden. Dragonflies have always fascinated me as they look and sound so different from other creatures.  I even remember my mother brushing off the pollen from my nose because I loved the smell of flowers and sometimes got too close !

I also observed that Pansies  apart from their wonderful bright colors  have a faint but very sweet  fragrance about them; if you can bend  yourself down close enough!

Yes, nature and beautiful creatures that surround us are some of the things that have always fascinated me. This spring we have had exceptionally good weather with lots of sunshine. I have  seen showers of falling cherry blossom petals floating around in the breeze which are such a  joyful sight to watch. What a pity that early spring lasts only two weeks or so, when we see fresh bright green color in the sprouting of new leaves and buds, a green that is so different from that of the darker green of summer days. Everything is so transient I feel !

I was so excited to see a red colored dragonfly in the garden last year!   I have been told that they are extremely rare.

We are so lucky to be in British Columbia where we get to experience  all four seasons. Surprising that only four places in this World get to enjoy  all these four seasons !

I have always been fond  of nature and other living creatures that share this beautiful  planet of ours which we call our home. Which of course brings me to talk about more earthly matters such as earning a living which most of us engage in  as part of our daily lives .

As a long time resident of the West Coast and with over 35 years of experience in Lending and Real Estate trading,  Real Estate is an area  where I can be of great use to you !

I have worked as a Banker for many years , and my knowledge and experience of  Lending  and Real Estate Trading  is probably unrivaled, having worked for the Toronto Dominion Bank, the Mercantile Bank of Canada, and Merchant Banks such as the Bank of Suez, Paris, France, and  with stints as a Consultant with the United Nations fund (UNIFEM) and the German Development authority (GTZ), and Real Estate Investments on my own account.

As you may know, it is often quite difficult to get specific information when you are looking for to buy or sell a property or get a Mortgage to buy a property. So many questions come to mind and you want answers so that you can start somewhere. I know I did when I  started looking for my first property ages ago!

No Website, large or small, can hold everything. Not even mine ! However, I have tried to fill these short  Realtor Pages with the essential information that you might need to make a sound decision for yourself.

I hope you will benefit from my expertise and extensive experience.

Please give me a Call if you need help in buying or seling Property.

Tahir  Mian                                                                                                                               Realtor                                                                                                                           Team  3000 Realty Ltd.                                                                                          Suite # 305                                                                                                                               9940,  Lougheed Highway                                                                             Burnaby, BC.  V3J 1N3                                                                                             Cell: (604) 781 2030                                                                                                     Fax: (604) 677-5251                                                                                                    E-mail:







Buyer’s Agents are Professionals who specialize in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a Property on behalf of Buyers.

Buyers Agents are engaged independently to act on behalf of Buyers but cost the Buyers virtually  nothing! … because  they get paid by the Selling Agent in the form of Finder’s Fee. You get all the Help and Advice you want from a Realtorand ask as  many questions as you like !

So their Services are virtually free to you !   So why not hire one !

The key difference between a Selling Agent and Buyer’s Agent is who they represent . A Seller’ s  Agent  or Listing Agent represents  the Seller of a Property . The Buyers Agent acts for the individual/s who are buying  a Property. Exception being a dual Agency.

Buyer’s Agents offer different service options, ranging from complete searches through to purchase negotiations and single property reports. Buyers Agents as your Advocate are also a key source for assisting you in finding and selecting the ideal Property for you. They owe you  100% loyalty. Their aim is to ensure that you are fully represented and  informed on all the aspects of the purchase and don’t overpay for the property.

Having an experienced Advocate on your side who is familiar with the local home values and the purchasing process also helps in maintaining objectivity when it comes to negotiating the best possible outcome.

Who Should I choose?

Selecting the right Agent is likely to result in you making the right purchase at the right price, saving you both time and money. The results achieved by a Buyer’s Agent will benefit you in the long-run.

Most importantly, the choice of an Agent also comes down to who you feel most comfortable with, because  a good relationship is important in achieving a good outcome.

As a long time resident of the West Coast and with over 35 years of experience of Banking, Mortgages and Real Estate trading , Real Estate, is one area where I can help you best,  if you prefer to choose me.

If you are looking to buy, please give me a call me on my  Cell #                604 781 2030  for information  on how I can be of help to you.

Tahir Mian                                                                                                                Realtor                                                                                                                           Team 3000 Realty Ltd.                                                                                            Cell: 604 781 2030                                                                                           Fax: 604 677 5251                                                                                                                e-mail:



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As a long time resident of the West Coast and with over 35 years of experience of  Banking,  Mortgages  and Real Estate trading ,  Real Estate, is one area where I can help you best !

I aim to provide you  with a professional service designed specifically for you with your input on your needs in mind.

I believe in an open and  frank  discussion and a meeting of minds  as a way to giving  you the best Service that I can provide. I will listen to you patiently and then with your input, and discussion  make a plan that will best achieve  your objective.

Buying: I can assist you in purchasing property whether you are first time home buyer or a knowledgeable home owner. Let me handle the Buying for you and make it an easier  and pleasant  experience , because buying can be fun   and you should be able to the enjoy your  the house hunting  experience while looking for a home.

Selling: I understand the importance of selling your home for the best price and  can guide you through all the  aspects from marketing to presenting your property to the buyers and then helping you negotiate the price, and close the sale.

When you sell your Property you will  need a Realtor like myself,   to  help you find the Buyers as well as  show your Property to interested Buyers. Likewise,  if you are buying a Property, I will help you locate a Property that is closer to your heart and  and then negotiate a price that is acceptable to you and hopefully lower than the listed price! So let me do that for you.


If the Price it too high and way above the market you risk losing  the Buyers. They will run away and start  looking  elsewhere for a similar Property.  As a Seller this is not what you want! You want a Buyer who has been looking at Properties for a while, and one who really likes your Property, and  one who will pay you a good  price for it.  You are now past the first post which is a  good  sign !

The Dilemma is how to keep the Buyers really interested in buying  and willing to pay a good price for a Property they like  and would  love to  own and live in. This is an opportunity to seize and think about and not let go off  lightly.

It’s all really a question of experience, the way you show Properties and the subtle  questioning that help you to figure it all out!                    To separate the wheat from the chaff  as the  expression goes.

There are hundreds of Properties for Buyers to choose from,  but  ultimately they will buy only one ! You hope that your’s will  be the one if you can get them really interested.

The Seller has only one Property to sell, and any interested Buyer’s hint of a price  query at the initial stages shows an interest in purchasing and should  be seen as an opportunity to be fully explored. This where the Realtor’s years of selling experience and marketing skills pay off.


The job of the Buying Agent is to search and  locate the  ideal Property  from the Buyer’s point of view, .  closer to his heart and to his worldly and material needs because a number of factors determine his requirements which need to be understood.

If you find the ideal Property yourself,  you will need the Services of Realtor for two very good reasons. The Realtor’s experience and  invaluable negotiating skills will help you greatly to figure out  an acceptable price to pay for the Property. In addition you have the advantage that your Realtor’s Services are free of cost to you .       You you don’t have to pay him yourself,  because his fees is paid by the Selling Realtor.

As a member of the  Team 3000 Realty Ltd,  I have been offering offer full Realtor and Mortgage  Services since 2004 and specialize in selling Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Town Homes in the Greater Vancouver area.

Please give me a call to discuss your requirement. You will be able to draw on my expertise and years of experience to your benefit.

Tahir Mian                 

 Realtor                                                                                                                            Team  3000 Realty Ltd.                                                                                                     Cell: (604) 781-2030                                                                                                         Fax: (604) 677-5251                                                                                                       E-mail:                                                                                         FOR  INFORMATION  ON  NEW MORTGAGES & RENEWALS PLEASE  LOOK  UP MY WEBSITE:  –